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    Certain features trigger an unconscious response as to friend or foe. We all have it. When something is spotted and known to be a potential danger the survival instincts kick in. Not a damned thing anyone can do about it. Call it stereotype when it comes to people but it's a genetic fact. When a greater majority of any race presents themselves to society as human instead of hyena, only then will things change.
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    Not a damned thing we can do? I respectfully disagree. Whether to yield to prejudice or resist it is a choice. It's been proven time and again. When Iraqis encountered our troops, it blew them away, mixed race units, female officers. JB it's a source of one of our greatest strengths as a nation in my opinion. The General running the Air Force Academy agrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by togor View Post
    The choice I make for myself is to try not to be burdened with a great mass of stereotypes as I go through life. It's not always easy...
    Not easy--I reckon so! Because so many of the objects of stereotyping seem absolutely determined to "act out" the stereotype to perfection!

    Where do stereotypes come from anyway? Are they manufactured out of "whole cloth" by bigots, with no basis at all in reality? Or are they a condensed summary of actual & repeated observations of the behavior of members of a given group? Of course, there are always exceptions to the norm within any group, so stereotypes can't be better than generalizations, not applicable to all--but life without generalizations would be sheer, unpredictable, chaos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by togor View Post
    it's a source of one of our greatest strengths as a nation in my opinion.
    It's a source, the main one, of the social stress & cultural turmoil to be seen every time you watch the evening news.

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    The victims of the Fort Hood massacre would have a few choice things to say about diversity in the ranks.

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