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    Default The 15:17 to Paris

    Great movie about three childhood friends who took a European tour together and just happened to be on the train when a Jihadist decided to mount an attack. Their names were Sadler, Scarlotti, and Stone... They all sat together in class and were all thrown out of Catholic school... Not for being juvenile delinquents, but for being individuals. (I am familiar personally with this phenomenon although I was never thrown out, I was rescued out.) they played airsoft combat and wore camo as boys. Two were in the military, Scarlotti was an army private in Afghanistan and Stone was in the Air Force. After having lost 50 lbs and getting in great shape he lacked the depth perception to qualify for para rescue. Subsequently he busted out of SERE instructor school and was at the time in medical field service school at Fort Sam Houston to be a medic.

    As you probably know the three friends from middle school met up in Europe and wound up taking the train to Paris...

    Another passenger on the train, an American civilian, investigated the overlong time in the restroom taken by the jihadist and was shot in the neck with a pistol. The passengers were quite naturally screaming and retreating. As he came through the car the guys were in, Stone charged him. "Click!" went the AK, aimed right at Stone.I suspect the guy was trying to be quiet and rode the bolt home when he loaded it up in the bathroom. Stone wound up getting pretty cut up in the struggle. All three men pretty effectively subdued the individual, who was rendered unconscious. An English civilian and a Frenchman trussed him up.

    It's hard to turn a short struggle into a two hour movie but Clint Eastwood did it masterfully. It's entertaining and fun. It's good to know there are still little boys out there who grow into men who want to serve, and when the occasion demands it, they perform heroically on auto pilot. All of the men involved received the Legion D' Honor from France, Stone and Scarlotti were decorated by their respective services and Sadler, a civilian, was decorated by the Secretary of Defense. I recommend this movie.

    Originally actors were to have portrayed the three but they actually play themselves in this movie.
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    looking forward to seeing it.

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    Sheep dogs were in the right place at the right time. 75% of our youth can't get through MEPS. Only 1% serve. These young man like many before ran to the fight not away. We are lucky we still have a few of them.
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