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    We don't watch the Olympics! We see the high lites every news cast and that's more than enough for us. About 10 more days of competition followed by weeks of post Olympic coverage. We have been recording TV shows and movies to get us thru it all.
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    I do not watch it because of the commercials, got away from network and paid TV over 5 years ago, getting old and time is too important to me to watch commercials about 20% of viewing time, usually the same one over and over. I watch highlights when I can. As to the athletes many of them have huge sponsorship, there are many po folks out there also competing and to them especially I wish the best, but the whole world of "amateur sports" has been redefined. I was surprised that there were no NHL players representing USA this year.

    They do some amazing things on the snow.. And how about that gal who scored two goals in 6 seconds..

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    Quote Originally Posted by holdover View Post
    ..."amateur sports" has been redefined.
    "Amateur sports," what a f* joke. Think of poor Jim Thorpe being stripped of his medals because he accepted a few dollars playing bush-league baseball--which he needed to pay his room & board.

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