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    Default M1-D M84 Scope Repairs

    I won an M1-D Sniper Rifle SN-3762xxx from CMP Auctions back in July, 2008. It came with an M84 scope missing the elevation and windage covers. After shooting the rifle there is now debris on the lens.

    Is there anybody or any scope repair shops working on M84 scopes? I found but haven't purchased yet these M84 Cover & Support parts on (

    If I can find someone that can repair the scope I would purchase a couple of M84 Cover & Support parts and send them along with the scope for repair.

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    there is a member here , dan in ny, if you can find him he did that kind of work.

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    Thanks. I found tokiwartooth on the CMP forums. I'm waiting on an email response from him.

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