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    Default Circa 1925 Model 12 Winchester

    Picked up a 28" Modified choke Model 12, serial number comes up circa 1925, at a show this past weekend for real inexpensive price. Several problems with it, that I noted when I picked it up. First off, the thing was filthy, with much caked on nastiness that took a stiff fine wire brush and Dremel mounted wire wheel to remove. Still, the slide racks "sketchy", that is, it feels like there is something binding at different times, sometimes when opening the gun, other times when closing it. We did notice that the operating arm of the slide was noticeably bent when we did manage to get the thing broken down, and straightened that with a mallet and a wooden block, making it a bit easier to operate, but not fixing all the problems, either. At this point, to get the shotgun apart, I have to remove the trigger assembly, and fool around with the slide 'lock', the rocking piece that grabs the slide and also releases it from the bolt.
    After a long and tedious tale of woe, is there anyone who can recommend a 'smith that does good work on Model 12's? Who would you have work on Yours? Thanks!

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    what about Chuck in Denver , he still comes here at times.

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    Thanks! Chuck is familiar with this shotgun.

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    I've been looking out for an early Model 12 in 12 ga. with 28" barrel. Specifically, serial number 525488, manufactured in 1927. It had bare spots where the blueing used to be, the stock wood was oil-soaked and dark from the owner's caress, but could be cycled "with one finger," they say. The gun belonged to Ernest Hemingway. He used it with great skill shooting pigeon at the Club des Cazadores in Cuba while residing at Finca Vigia. It is still missing. Unlike the other guns of Hemingway, which have all been accounted for, this Model 12 is still out there. Still looking!
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    Well, Liam, not much help here with your quest. This M12 is s/n 4176XX, a 28" Modified, with the early type grooved 'corncob' wood up front. Just a bit earlier than Ernest's Winchester.

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    Simmons This, in my opinion, are the best in the country on the model 12. Expensive

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