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  1. Default Anyone have experince with these Made in India muskets, etc ?

    Has anyone used one for reenacting, shooting, etc ? Think of getting one to go along with my Made in Japan Charleville, the reviews I read on the web go from one extreme to another, I note most of the reviews are about 7 years old.

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    Are you talking about the ones from Middlesex village?
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    Yes. They seem to have the best selection.

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    go to traditional muzzleloading form, everthing you want to know will be there (lots )

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    If you value your hands and eyes, stay away from them. There's a reason they are inexpensive and N-SSA along with other groups have banned them.

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    Go to track of the wolf for quality.

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    Middlesex used to be OK, but the owner is a complete A$$ and quality is marginal at best. Loyalist in Canada is better quality and has actual responsive sales and service. Consider these as kits, since you'll want to do more wood finishing to make them look the best.

    Blowing up and other BS is old info from long ago. They no longer use cheap welded seam tubing for their barrels, and mechanical quality for the locks are better (except for Middlesex).

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    I have wondered the same, but I don't hear much about their safety.

    I did find this on the Middlesex sight.

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    At Cedar Creek in 1991 we had a unit member overload his Italian made P1853 Enfield. Sound like a clap of thunder, knocked him down and the fellow behind him. When we got back to camp we found the wrist of his stock cracked.

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    Try that with one of those Indian made wall hangers.

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