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Thread: Indian Enfields

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    You find the right guy looking for that gun you will do alright. The Indian RFI Bayonets I have sold on GB bring 65 to 70 depending on year etc. Muzzle wear was pretty common with these rifles due to cleaning practices, sounds like yours was not hurt too bad. Some will say it will part out for more than a whole gun, I just can’t bring myself to break them up. For what it’s worth I like to buy wire wraps and the Indian Rifles can be found with far better bores than other countries. I’d keep that rifle if I was you the chances of finding another one in good shape is going to be hard. The few I**IPs I have found at gun shows have been ragged out and mismatched from years of Military service. Yours was rebuilt but still shoots and retains some excellent features. It is a nice find.

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    Thanks p246. The bayonets you sell on GB are they the short or long? From my research on the bayonets I found most were shortened and few remain original. I have only seen 2 others for sale, one before I bought mine and one after. I'd like to get a wire wrapped but so far have only seen ones that are beat up with high price tags. I'm more into Springfield Trapdoors but have a few Enfields also. About a year ago I found a Pakistan #4 Mk 2 1960 manufacture. Have not found much on those rifles either other than not many have been released in the private market. I seem to find and buy the odd ones I most likely won't sell the Indian unless I got a good deal on an early TD.

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    Seems the bayonet pics did not post?IMG_1345.jpgIMG_1346.jpgIMG_1350.jpg

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    Re: OP/Replies. Fascinating thread! Beyond bare bones information I have little knowledge of the LE series in general much less the more particular variants. Sincerely. bruce.
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    Carlsr, there isn't much more I can tell you that you don't already know. You even knew to seek out a now scarce 17" RFI bayonet and did very well in the process. About the only other thing is the little mystery revolving around the lack of some C markings on certain parts. Strange things have been known to happen involving things India. So, I wouldn't fret too much. Personally I wouldn't fret at all at this point. If it is one of the third published variations then it should also be wearing a MkIII barrel according to Edwards. Remember the bit about "strange things". Things may have been overlooked at time of production or changed in service. So long as the numbers match you're rifle is in good shape.

    You have a scarce one and you aren't behind the eight ball in terms of money invested. Have you been over to the Lee Enfield forum on Most of us feel as though Ishy rifles have a place in the collection. There are some over there who actively pursue and research them on their own. They'd probably enjoy taking a long look at your rifle.
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    Thank you JB White
    I found information on the bayonet on Then proceeded to search for one. To my surprise it didn't take long. First one I got out bide on but then another showed up and that one I was not about to lose. Have not seen another since.
    I don't believe I was ever on the gunboards but will check them out.
    Thank You

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