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    Default Roy Moore in trouble....

    The libs strategy is always the same. They never argue the issues they just assault the integrity of their opponent. There are women out there that will swear they were raped 50 years ago but just now remembering the event. Every Republican in office has been accused of sexual abuse.

    That is why we should pick candidates that are not hard right conservatives... a hard right, bible thumper cannot get the votes of the middle of road people. Donald Trump won because he didn't run as a conservative. He got 93% of the Republican vote. The same as Romney, McCain, etc. But he also got substantial support from independents and even from some Bernie supporters and that was why he won. Thank God Cruz wasn't the Republican candidate in 2016!

    Yes I am a conservative... but also realize that hard right and hard lefties don't often win elections. Roy Moore is a patriotic, God fearing, conservative... that will probably lose the election to a Godless, liberal, that takes a knee every time he sees an American flag.

    His primary opponent would have had a better chance... but he was not conservative enough to satisfy the hard right... I hope Roy Moore wins the election but I doubt that he can.

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    Perhaps we should emulate their tactics, find men will to claim sexual harassment and abuse ala Kevin Spacey. Turnabout is fair play.

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    Moore will follow the Trump playbook and the Alabama GOP voters will fall in line behind him. Media might play up the story for awhile but I don't see it making a difference.

    Trump really hasn't made much of an attempt to govern from the center. When he hits a rough patch he aligns with the base. When he's feeling good he aligns with the plutocrats. Neither represent a majority of the country.

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    Obama did the same thing in '02. After the deadline passed to replace a candidate on the ballot, a 'concerned citizen' got a Chitown judge to unseal the incumbent R's divorce records, which were sealed at the request of the Sen. and his 'movie star' wife. Then talk about chutzpah, the concerned citizen demanded their name be redacted, because it was nobody's business who they were, demanding the divorce papers be made public. Mrs Senator filed for divorce because he insisted on taking her to sex clubs which didn't sit well with her. So he dropped out of the race and the Stupid Party put up Mike Ditka as a write in.

    History repeats itself, with the possible twist that it may be the GOP behind knifing Moore.

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    I believe the people of Alabama will see right through this ploy and vote for him.
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    On the other hand, some Alabama GOP guy came to Moore's defense by observing that Mary was a teenager when an adult Joseph made her his wife, and they became the parents of Jesus.

    A few thoughts come to mind:

    1) With friends like these, does Moore need enemies?

    2) What the heck is in the water in Alabama?

    3) So Joseph watched while God came upon Mary to conceive Jesus? Joseph as the perv voyeur?

    Unless the story mushrooms I still say he rides it out but some odd stuff coming out of Alabama. Sorry Allen, but it's true.

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    On the other hand, some Alabama GOP guy came to Moore's defense by observing that Mary was a teenager when an adult Joseph made her his wife, and they became the parents of Jesus.
    I would bet that is fake news. No Christian would ever make that claim, it flies in the face of the immaculate conception... and the perv voyeur comment is just more dressing stuffed into a turkey that fails to fly.

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    Jim Zeigler, State Auditor of Alabama.

    Apparently also has a successful law practice using the bible to defend pedophilia.

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    We must remember that he was an attorney when this is alleged to have happened. What else do we expect from a lawyer?

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    Re: OP. Gave the matter a bit of thought, as I was taking out the trash. That was yesterday. Today the trash truck will come around before 9 a.m. Good. Always like to put the trash can back up by the house before I head out to the office. Don't like to have stinking stuff in the house. Same with this mess. It is trash. If it were anything else, might not throw it out. But it is trash. So ... can it.

    Now, this way to some seem simplistic. That's alright. I am a simple man. Over the years I have not found much cause to trust left-wing liberals in particular and demorkats in general when it came to matters of truth that touch upon candidates for office who are Republican and Conservative. All to often their reports of what they claim to be facts have ended up being like a sausage ... the skin of a truth stuffed with lies. This late in the campaign, such a convenient revelation for the democrats and their ilk is simply a little to convenient to be taken on the word of someone whose claim is a generation old. Just can't seem to forget all the women whose lives were destroyed by the clinton machine when billy boy was being accused ... and when he was being defended ... especially by female left-wing democrat attack dog democrats who without any hesitation supported him b/c he was carrying their water for them. JMHO. Sincerely. bruce.
    " Unlike most conservatives, libs have no problem exploiting dead children and dancing on their graves."

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