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    Default From early 1990's Houston, Texas [three recovered over the years.]

    Houston PD incident report #92612491 [R]
    Colt model 1917 revolver #8836Z cal.45ACP
    Colt model 1917 revolver #326571 cal.45 ACP
    Norwegian "colt" pistol "1945 cal.45 ACP
    H&R Model 999 break top revolver # AX030535 cal.22lr
    Charter Pathfinder revolver #784203 cal.22lr stainless
    Old Army #140-04737 black powder cal.44
    Single -Six #66-03274 cal. 22lr
    Blackhawk #41-30299 cal.41
    Blackhawk @51-22034 cal. 30 carbine
    Marl II pistol #18-10309 cal

    Thnaks, Paul
    Houston, Texas
    left out, away overnight, was going shooting that next morning.
    Two other rifles and a revolver recovered, one at a time. over 16 years time.

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    One more rifle recovered.
    Original ATF owner of record was called and claimed it....
    And I was the one who reported it stolen!
    Original owner never admitted selling it long ago.

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    A bill of sale dated between the two of you signed by both would have stopped that cold. You would have your rifle back then. Not a record anywhere except in your hands. Proof you owned it. Plus if the firearm he sold you had been stolen by him it would have shown you had bought it in good faith and had not been the one who stole it. So always get a bill of sale and hold onto it even if you wind up selling it later. CYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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