.22 Short LITTLE ACE Derringer

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.22 Short LITTLE ACE Derringer

I have a blued on brass frame super small single barrel Derringer which fires a .22 Short round. It has no trigger guard and must be cocked to fire. On the left wide of the Barrel is stamped “LITTLE ACE”. Between the LITTLE and the ACE is stamped a Square Box with a Heart in it’s center. On the left side of the barrel is stamped - top line “:22 SHORT”. On the 2nd/lower line is stamped, “STD. VEL. ONLY” in a slightly smaller font size. Below that in the 3rd line is stamped, “7722” and directly below and aligning with these numbers stamped into the right side of the brass Frame is stamped “7722” as well. The barrel is beveled on it’s top above the chamber and on the flat top of this part of the blued barrel from front to back is stamped on the 1st line “ERL SVENDSEN F.A. MFG. CO”. On the 2nd line beneath is stamped, “ITASCA ILLINOIS, U.S.A.”. To load a round, or extract a round or fired round casing the exposed hammer must pulled back to “Half-Cock” (also a safety from which it cannot be fired) and then the barrel will pivot/swivel with the breech moving to the right while the round barrel pivots/swivels to the left. To extract a round, or spent round you must hook the flange at the base of the round (I use my fingernail) to start it back enough to grasp and fully withdraw it from the barrel. The pistol has no sights and traditionally shaped Derringer black plastic grips. The over all length of this pistol is 4.” The length of the barrel and breech is 2” with each being 1” and the over all height of the weapon is 1 5/8”. A very easily concealable pistol and the construction is all high quality.

I will not sell this weapon, but have always been curious as to it’s estimated value.


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    Sorry, no one has offered an answer for you. If my information is correct, those little pistols were essentially hand made and a part that fits one is unlikely to fit another. With that said they are a neat and a great conservation piece, but they have zero use as a gun... 1 single round of .22 short is probably not going to be an effective resolution to do most anything.

    I see them now with huge asking prices ($275+) but they usually sell in the $75- $100 range. I would keep it and put it into a display case.

    Good luck you have neat little pistol!
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