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  1. .22 Short LITTLE ACE Derringer

    .22 Short LITTLE ACE Derringer

    I have a blued on brass frame super small single barrel Derringer which fires a .22 Short round. It has no trigger guard and must be cocked to fire. On the left wide of the Barrel is stamped “LITTLE ACE”. Between the LITTLE and the ACE is stamped a Square Box with a Heart in it’s center. On the left side of the barrel is stamped - top line “:22 SHORT”. On the 2nd/lower line is stamped, “STD. VEL. ONLY” in a slightly smaller font size. Below ...
  2. .45 colt 1911

    In May 1963 my dad, a WWI 2 twice wounded Vet, took me to Fishman's Pawn Shop in Springfield, Ill and told me to pick out a pistol for my 22nd Birthday. I debated between a Lugar and a .45 and my dad told me his .45 in the war never jammed or failed once so I took the .45. Dad knew Mr. Fishman from way back and when he discovered it was my birthday present on my way to Vietnam he marked it down to $45.00. It was "tightened up" by a USMC Armorer in Vietnam and then in Okinawa I had ...
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  3. Mc Cain the would be emperor

    Quote Originally Posted by Dolt View Post
    Benedict Arnold....anyone ever read the history of this "hero"? He was a hero, until he became a traitor.
    Dolt is right , he is the Benedict Arnold of our time .
  4. Jane Fonda

    Quote Originally Posted by Vern Humphrey View Post
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    Vern , I will help you carry that 5 gal. can . Carl
    I'll borrow my plumber's pump out truck and we'll car pool it.
    Vern , better yet . I got the gas covered. Carl
  5. I wonder how many where made?

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    August 10,1909 it was authorized to start cutting sight line in the handguard.
    Jan. 1 1910 they started adding clips to handguards.
    So that's about 4 and 1/2 months worth of production..
    Wouldn't that make that model a rare one to find....?
    My guess is only about 14,000 made, how many still around?
    What you think.....???
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